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ALLOWLIST are pleased to announce we have secured the Trademark for Allowlist.

High Value Term

Allowlist is a high value term; it has a specific meaning and is widely used in the network and cyber security industry. We have secured it as a trademark. Read on to discover the ins and outs of what it took to secure.

The Process

To register your trademark, it will cost less than £300 and is probably the single most important step for any business. Here is how to do it.

Time needed: 90 days.

How to register your trademark

  1. Decide on what to trademark

    Trademarks are subtle. You can protect your name in words, images, or a combination of the two. In our experience it is better to protect the name in words as images can change as the brand changes over time.

  2. Search to see if the trademark is already registered

    Search the trademark register to see if the trademark is already registered
    Be sure to conduct several searches using each of the options such as ‘contains all words’ and ‘contains any words’ to be exhaustive in your research.

  3. Apply to register the trademark

    Go to the Government Website and apply to register
    You have the option to engage professional help, but we have found that the fees are very high for what is essentially a very cheap process that you can do it yourself. We do not advocate doing it yourself if you are unsure about doing so, and as a disclaimer would say that you should always seek appropriate professional legal advice.

  4. Decide the correct Trademark classes

    Choose the correct trademark class for your trademark

  5. Pay your fee

    At the time of writing, the fees to register a trademark are £170 for 1 class and £50 per extra class

  6. Wait!

    From application to receiving your trademark there is typically a 3 month wait. During this time, the trademark is published in the Trademark Journal which allows people time to object to your application.

  7. Receive your Trademark

    The day arrives and you receive your trademark. Congratulations! You are now protected. People cannot trade under the trademark that you have protected.


A trademark is a valuable tool in any business. However, there is a misconception that having a limited company named after your brand will provide protection, or that having a website URL or having a great logo and name will do the same. All of these are essential for good business of course, but none of them offer you protection. If someone registers your name as a trademark, they can potentially put you out of a business in a heartbeat.

The ALLOWLIST Trademark

The ALLOWLIST Trademark is trademark number UK00003505802 and the registration can be found online here:

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