Minds Vs Machines with James Bore

Minds Vs Machines with James Bore | Cyber Brew

James Bore enjoys a cyber brew with Lee from ALLOWLIST as he discusses the question – Minds vs Machine.

What is the only asset we ever need to protect? What’s better; using bots and technology or human beings. What is the balance? What is the view on machines and what role will and do they play? Can machines replace humans?

Are there industries that rely too heavily on technology? What is the human firewall? Are humans the first line of defence?

A great insight and a must watch.

Maybe equally as importantly, James Bore answers the question – What are you drinking? You might be shocked to find out. Especially what he drinks from…

James Bore – Bio

I get asked about the security hygienist tagline a lot, so a bit of explanation seems in order.

Security hygiene is a lot like any other form of hygiene.

It’s a mixture of proactive hygiene habits, understanding the bad habits to stop, and making sure the environment is clean and sanitised regularly.

It’s not just about the technology, it’s about the culture and practices of people in the organisation, and having a clear understanding of the threats you’re facing.

After all, if you eat a lot of sweets you’re going to need to take a lot more care of your teeth than if you only drink water and eat salads.

I work with organisations and people to understand and improve their security hygiene through a mixture of:
– security by design and threat modelling
– scenario pre-enactments so people know what an incident feels like and how to contain and manage the fallout
– cultivating internal talent by giving people the support to grow into their role
– helping you find and change your and your organisation’s bad security habits
– identifying where decay has set in and setting out treatment plans

In 2020 I took over the family business, moving the focus from signal processing and embedded systems to security, maintaining the same core values and practices of building relationships and tailoring offerings to customer needs and capabilities.

I am always happy to talk about security, whether it’s getting into the industry, general discussion, or talking over an obstacle. Book a time for a chat over a coffee at https://calendly.com/boresltd/quick-chat.

James Bore can be contacted on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbore/

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