Minds Vs Machines with Jay Jay Davey

Minds Vs Machines with Jay Jay Davey | Cyber Brew

Back by popular demand, in episode 3 Jay Jay Davey enjoys a cyber brew with Lee from ALLOWLIST as they tackle the topic of Minds vs Machine.

Jay Jay delivers the thought-provoking statement, ‘Until machines can govern your business, there is no silver bullet.’

Do you agree? Does Lee?

Watch now and find out.

Jay Jay Davey – Bio

UK SOC Lead At CyberClan
Chief Operating Officer at Cyber Jobs Hunting
Chief Educational Support Officer at CyberMentorDojo

I help make Security Operations work for your business; ultimately, technical security goals are driven by risk management. Therefore, I help provide tangible and cost-effective ways to manage technical risk and help protect the value of your business.

I have worked with most modern technological security solutions, including but not limited to EDR, SIEM, DLP, Vulnerability scanners, and more. My expertise in this area will help manage technical risk, bring visibility and provide metrics for assurance that your technical security is delivering on promises. In addition, I have worked closely with threat intelligence to help build context to alerts and investigations.

I am familiar with aspects of information security and will be comfortable working closely with the information security team to help align technical security with the needs of the business. 

I have an open perception of problems and understand that not all problems can be solved with flashy solutions or money but requires careful analysis of process output, procedure outcomes, other metrics, and evidence that could highlight an issue that impacts the business.

Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.

Jay Jay Davey can be contacted on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noxcyber/

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