Episode 8: How Clean Are Your Windows? with Nick DaCosta-Greene | Cyber Brew

How Clean Are Your Windows? with Nick DaCosta-Greene | Cyber Brew

Nick DaCosta-Greene of Curatrix Technologies joins Lee at ALLOWLIST for a Cyber Brew, to ask, ‘How Clean Are Your Windows?’, and to give a real insight into how Microsoft is set up for security.

They cover the basics of what you need and discuss some things that you might not have considered.

Best of all, Nick reveals how you can do it yourself.

Watch now and find out how!

Nick DaCosta-Greene Director of Curatrix Technologies – Bio

How Clean Are Your Windows with Nick DaCosta-Greene Cyber Brew

Curatrix Technologies – what do you do?
We create a secure, mobile, and flexible IT support service that protects your business from cyber crime.

We provide monthly cyber training schedules for you and your staff to keep you up to date with Microsoft tools.

We free your staff up and create efficiencies by deploying Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

We reduce your server infrastructure.

We change the mindset of adopting 365 from ‘change management’ to ‘bring it on’.

We help your business reduce cost associated with IT.

We help reduce your risk associated with IT.

Quoted by Microsoft CSP to be in the TOP 1% of Microsoft Cloud Service Providers doing what we do

You can connect with Nick on LinkedIn:

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