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CRITICAL : Crisis Intervention Team by ALLOWLIST


If you have arrived here chances are something has gone wrong. Very, very wrong. And you need help.

You have a major security crisis. We are your first point of contact. We have knowledge of the important stakeholders you need to speak to (ICO etc) and have an understanding about cyber insurance and claims, we help you understand your legal rights and obligations, and also have a network of specialists who you can pull together e.g. malware removal companies, digital forensics, security products for locking down weak-spots for future prevention, data recovery, crisis comms on a bespoke basis depending on what the security issue actually is. 

ALLOWLIST is the preferred supplier list for Cyber Security and Data Protection. We work with due diligence checked, reviewed and trusted suppliers across all domains of cyber security and data protection. Our role is to help you and help you fast to find the right suppliers to help with your specific incident.

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