Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ’s for Customers

ADDITIONAL FAQ’s for Sellers

How does THE LIST work?

THE LIST is a cyber security preferred supplier list where suppliers are due diligence checked, ranked, rated and reviewed. You can also call us to find your perfect supplier. There is no charge, no log in, no tracking to find your supplier and we save you time and up to 25% on going direct. Find out more: How ALLOWLIST work?

How do reviews work?

Reviews get views and suppliers are reviewed to give an independent view of the supplier. There are checks and balances on reviews. Find out more: ALLOWLIST Reviews

What is a brokered introduction?

When someone asks us in person to help them find a solution we work to understand the need and then short list suitable suppliers. We sit in and facilitate the engagement process. Find out more: What is a brokered introduction?

How many visitors does ALLOWLIST get?

On average we get around 2.5k to 3.5k page views per month from an average of 1,200 visitors. Find out more: ALLOWLIST Web Visitors and Traffic