What is the Personal Shopper and How Does it Work?

Cyber Security Personal Shopper

We have made cyber security sourcing and procurement a breeze. Whatever you need we know the due diligence checked, ranked, rated and reviewed cyber security companies that we can shortlist for you, for free. We call it our personal shopper service. Learn more.

How Does ALLOWLIST Work?

How does THE LIST Work

THE LIST is a preferred supplier directory where some of the procurement and sourcing work has been done for you to speed up the process of supplier selection and on-boarding. You can speak to an actual human, and we can shortlist for you, for free. Learn more.

What due diligence checks do you do?

Due Diligence

ALLOWLIST CYBER SECURITY DIRECTORY conduct due diligence checks on all sellers. Not just anyone can sell on ALLOWLIST; as a trusted site and trusted preferred supplier list, we like to cover the essentials. Learn more.

How do reviews work and can we trust them?

ALLOWLIST Reviews 5 stars

ALLOWLIST reviews allow for feedback on products and services. Reviews are based on a 5-star rating system with associated review comments for feedback. Products and services can be viewed and sorted based on the number and quality of reviews. Learn more.

How do I sell on ALLOWLIST?

ALLOWLIST Membership Tiers

Selling on ALLOWLIST is quick, simple and hassle free. A simple due diligence check and off you go. Learn more.

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