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Looking for cyber security jobs? Looking for the perfect cyber security candidates? As part of our social outreach at ALLOWLIST we help people to get back into work and we don’t charge any fees. To anyone. 

THE LIST supports people back into work by LISTING them, showcasing them and getting them in front of people that are looking to fill cyber security jobs. Recruiters look at THE LIST for candidates. Companies look at THE LIST for new employees. We take advantage of our extensive network to get people back into work.

Help me get back into work


How does it work?

You provide us with a photo, a description, any relevant qualifications, the job you want, your current location and we LIST you. We then promote you. We provide you with a getting started document that lays out what you can do to have the best chance of securing your next role. 

Can you help me find a cyber security job?

Possibly. We can certainly increase your chances by sharing your details with our extensive network and, more importantly, our network’s networks. Exposure is key in the job search to increases the chances of finding opportunities.

Are you a recruiter?

No. We are not a recruiter and we do not provide recruitment services. However, we do know a lot of recruiters that are best placed to help you. They form part of our network and will see you as part of our support.

Do you charge a fee?

No. We do this as part of our social outreach. We have all been in the position that you are in. We do this to help, where we can

Do you support positive mental health?

Yes. Positive mental health is a fundamental concern of ours, and we understand the impact that being out of work can have. We encourage those that benefit from our help on all sides to donate to, and use the services of, MIND. The link is here:

Have you had any success?

Yes. Both directly and indirectly we have seen over 70% of people LISTED secure work within 6 weeks.

Which cyber security recruiters do you recommend?

Our LISTED, trusted, ranked, rated and reviewed recruiters are all LISTED in the PEOPLE section.

Can I see an example of someone looking for work?

Yes, the current LIST of people looking for work is in the PEOPLE section of the LIST.

Can you help everyone?

In simple terms, no. We are not able to help everyone who applies. This is a free voluntary service. We do try to help everyone where we can, but we cannot guarantee that we can LIST everyone.

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