Due Diligence


ALLOWLIST CYBER SECURITY STORE conduct due diligence checks on all sellers. Not just anyone can sell on ALLOWLIST; as a trusted site and trusted preferred supplier list, we like to cover the essentials.

Limited Company Status

We check the sellers are operating as limited companies. We check their Companies House number. We do a provisional review of the status of filings and most recent filings to see if everything is up to date and ensure there are no red flags.


We check that the companies have business insurance, and we receive and hold copies. We check professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance as a minimum.

Industry Certifications

If a company says they have a certification or qualification that is fundamental to their offering, then we check that it is in place, and we receive and hold copies. For ISO certificates, we accept certificates from in-country accredited certification bodies. For example, in the UK we only accept UKAS certificates.

There are clearly caveats, as certificates often come with scope statements, and whether they apply to you and the services and products you are buying will be your responsibility to check. We check to ensure that if they say they have it, that they actually do. We only state certifications on the website if it all checks out.

No liability, no guarantee, no warranty

Please note that our checks are our checks, and come with no guarantee or warranty of liability. It is imperative that as part of your on-boarding process you follow good due diligence best practice and check yourself. Circumstances can change, certificates can expire, insurance can go un-renewed. We are not providing a constant monitoring service, but we are providing a due diligence check at the point of on boarding to satisfy ourselves that the sellers are trustworthy. If we become aware, or you make us aware, that certificates have lapsed then the details will be removed from the site. If insurance is seen to have lapsed and not be in place, then the seller will be removed from the site. Measure twice – cut once. Always check yourself before purchase.

Timing of due diligence checks – important

Our due diligence checks are for our peace of mind and are conducted at the time of onboarding.

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