Get GDPR Compliant

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation and guidance is provided by the Information Commissioners Officer. Each country enacts the GDPR in local law and in the UK for example it is embedded in the Data Protection Act 2018.

There are 7 principles of GDPR that guide what must be done. Whilst it can be argued whether absolute GDPR compliance is possible we first must ask what does GDPR compliance mean. Embedding the rights of each of us over our data is the key driver. The emphasis is on each company to adhere to the law and whilst we can look at the risk of not complying it makes good business sense. Now you understand what GDPR means in simple terms.

Getting GDPR compliant

The road to GDPR compliance is relatively straight forward. There is a lot of advice, help, guidance and templates on the Information Commissioners Website. It is entirely possible in most cases to implement the GDPR your self. The only question will be the learning curve and time required which might be better spent on your core business. When it comes to achieving compliance it is usually best practice to get the help of a trusted GDPR solution company. It will save both time and money in the medium to long term.

Choosing a GDPR solution company

There are many GDPR solutions with a market awash with sole trader and one man bands. Whilst they have their place it is our experience that the first decision is to choose a GDPR solution that is a registered Limited Company. There are certain checks and balances that a Limited Company brings. This will narrow the field but still leave you with a broad spectrum of solutions to choose from.

Is there a list of due diligence checked, rated and reviewed trusted GDPR solution companies?

Yes there is a LIST. ALLOWLIST works with trusted GDPR solution companies. As part of the onboarding there are checks on Limited Company status, that professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance is in place. Companies that are LISTED are subject to customer rating and reviews. It doesn’t guarantee but it provides a level of assurances.

Finding your ideal GDPR solution company

Using the powerful search features of ALLOWLIST it is possible to search the suppliers based on your very specific requirements. That could be the sector that you work in, the qualifications you want the supplier to have, the location of the supplier and so much more. This puts the power of selection in your hands. In addition all you have to do is ASK us and we can help you, for free, to shortlist the GDPR solution companies that could be right for you. We are industry professionals of over 20 years standing.