Is absolute GDPR compliance possible?

In this article Scott Sammons from Lighthouse IG looks to provide the answer to the question, ‘Is absolute GDPR compliance possible?’

Absolute GDPR Compliance – what does that actually mean? To some, it means a tick box; ‘we do x or y or z’. To others it means more of an ‘absolute privacy’ view of the world. But as an organisation trying to navigate your way through 1001 different pressures, what does GDPR compliance mean to you?

As for me, I suppose you could call me a bit of a pragmatist. I believe in privacy, protection of data and the power of data. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and motivate others the way I do. However, I can also see and appreciate the complexities of life and know that sometimes, there are no winners, and that a square peg really does have to fit into a round hole.

When you’re thinking about data, the data you need to run your organisation, the data you need to grow your organisation and the data you might be worried about losing, what does ‘GDPR Compliance’ mean to you?

Is being transparent with your customers and staff just a piece of paper? Or is it a behaviour? A skill? A company ethic?

Is ‘security’ just a barrier to getting the work done, or is it a key part of the organisation that both works to secure your data as well as supporting staff to work collaboratively and efficiently to succeed?

A key part of GDPR/Data Protection is accountability. Yes, it does come with some ‘physical’ things you need to put in place. However, it also comes with things that are more difficult to wrap your hands (and head!) around. Culture. Skills. Business ethics. Behaviours. Values.

If you want to set yourself apart, and really make the most of the ‘digital data age’, then GDPR Compliance can either just be a piece of law, or you can use the principles of Data Protection as a way of working, a way of collaborating, a way of expanding and building a trusted, reliable service for staff and customers alike.

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