how to improve your website

How to improve your website

PageSpeed Insights

In this tutorial we show you how you can drastically improve your website and your website rankings in search results for free using public tools.

A core goal of ALLOWLIST is to put our suppliers in front of their customers at the customers point of need. We want customers to have the best user experience, being able to quickly and simply find the information they need and engage on the products and services that are right for them. Landing on a well-formed website that meets the Google criteria for performance and layout is a simple, easy, and free step on that journey, but a step that is also massively important. In this Tutorial we show you some examples from ALLOWLIST members and provide some valuable, simple, and easy to implement tips on how to get drastic gains.

How do I access PageSpeed Insights?

Page Insights is accessed using the link

How much does PageSpeed Insights cost?

Nothing; it is free.

Is PageSpeed Insights Free?


Is PageSpeed Insights easy to use?

Yes. You just enter the URL of the website you want to check. A simple dashboard with tips on making improvements is returned.

Are PageSpeed Insights results consistent?

Yes and no. There are factors that influence the score so each time you use it the score may fluctuate slightly. The more times you run it the more of an average you will get but the difference is usually only a few points.

Is design for mobile important?

Yes. The ranking of sites is increasingly based on their ability to provide mobile content. The amount of content being consumed on mobile is overtaking that of desktop. Our site analytics show that there are more mobile views of our content than desktop.

What is the one thing I can do that will bring the biggest gain?

In our experience the use of Caching will provide the biggest overall performance gain on a website. The number of calls a browser has to make to a website and the amount of traffic that flows over those calls clearly adds an overhead in speed. Using a good caching solution should see exponential increases in performance. We use the WPRocket plugin –

How do I make my website mobile friendly?

Choosing a WordPress template that is mobile ready is a big step. If you have a design house and bespoke website build they should already have included mobile responsiveness in your solution but do check. There are many WordPress themes that are mobile responsive for those on a budget with prices in the £40 to £60 range for a good template. We use the Astra theme –

Should I use shared hosting or dedicated hosting?

Dedicate hosting is going to provide the best user experience, best performance and in turn allow your website to rank higher. If you use a provider such as GoDaddy it is cost effective to upgrade to their business hosting. Hosting doesn’t have to be a physical server and virtual hosting is fine in most cases. The difference is stark and can mean moving from having 500mb of shared RAM across tens of other websites to having 2GB of RAM dedicated to you. This is significant. The costs move from tens of pounds a year to a few hundred pounds a year but the gains are worth it. This is your window on the world and you want it to perform at the best it can for the budget you have.

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