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This guide and tutorial shows you how to create a listing with the best chance of converting a sale. It provides a step-by-step guide to the sections of the listing and provides guidance on what is required. Let’s jump straight in.


The introduction

In a store this is a high-level attention grabber. It provides enough context for a buyer to understand if your product or service meets their needs and solves their problem. It should contain keywords and trigger words. It says what you do, addresses the customer problem and how you solve it, and why people should buy from you. Ideally, it overcomes common customer objections.


This is where we share the details of your product or service. Consider the heading ‘What customers can expect’ and set out the steps, processes or outputs that the customer can expect when engaging you. This forms a big part of why customers should buy from you and makes you different to your competitors. This is where you show your value add.

Listings Description

Listings Reviews


This is where customers leave you reviews. For sellers on Business Lite or above you can send us links to existing reviews or customer testimonials, and we will upload them for you.


This is where you list the services that make up your product or service in bullet form. What are the constituent parts of your offering?

Listings Services



If your product or service has a cost, then we state it here. If the cost is not fixed or is price on application, then provide either a day rate or ‘prices start from’.

Contact details

These are your company contact details, company telephone number, email or address of HQ or main office.

Listings Contact Details

Listings Images


Images help people to understand what you offer and to make an emotional connection. All images should be provided in the highest quality and highest definition as possible. The main requirement is a clear, hi res company logo. Then consider relevant images such as screen shots, demos, marketing images or people profile images.


If you have marketing videos, product or service overview videos or company overview videos on YouTube or VIMEO, we can embed them in your listing. They allow the buyer to get to know you and make a connection with you.

Listings Videos



Due to the low cost of acquisition and commission, sellers often pass on discounts to buyers that buy via ALLOWLIST. In increments of 5%, you can set what discount you will offer to buyers.

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