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MSPs in Partnership: Is outsourcing your SOC the best option for your business?

Author: Amber Danks

Amber is Head Of Global Marketing at CyberQ Group. CyberQ Group is an award-winning global cybersecurity services provider with offices in UK, US, NZ, AUS, and the Philippines.

SOC as a service – if it’s not helping, it’s hindering

Most companies are aware that monitoring cloud and physical-location IT infrastructure are important to flag potential cyber-attacks and prevent them. We’ve all heard about how SOC security is important. However, how many businesses have the capital and internal capabilities to dedicate several review quarters solely to build internally compliant SOCs? Not many. As such, many companies go without, in the belief that the cost of offsetting the potential cyber security disaster scenario when it occurs will work out cheaper than paying for continued cyber-attack ‘insurance’, by contracting a managed service provider (MSP) all along to do the job.


It’s only natural for companies to adopt a logical fear towards SOC as a service. We understand. Entrusting another business to hack and monitor business intellectual property, endpoints, web applications, and servers is justified, especially when cyber security knowledge is ill-understood within the company and acronyms are thrown about left-right, and centre, bearing little transparency. How does one know who to trust?

Partnership matters

Still, partnership matters, even for managed security providers. After all, a battalion armed with tanks and missiles is more effective than a lone foot soldier without a weapon. So, if you always dreamed of your business owning its own internal SOC, don’t let anybody hold you back! Just know that partnering with an external MSP will still reduce necessary SOC start-up time to one month for you as there is no need to build and train a SOC team or acquire costly licensing and implementing software. It often makes sense to trade budgets that blow out of proportion as hidden SOC costs rear their ugly head, for a monthly fixed service cost, at one quarter the cost of an internal SOC in a company with 200 employees.

What provider to choose

Overall, there are likely to be fewer barriers to getting your cyber maturity profile on the roadmap to efficiency by partnering up with a SOC security friend. Which provider you need will depend on your business and the relationship you want to have with your partner. However, some things to look for in a decent SOC security provider is one who offers fixed costs based upon scalable points of growth, and provides you transparent reports, undergoes accreditation and audits for their services regularly, creates a cyber awareness culture in your company, and leverages existing knowledge within your company to build you a better platform. Whatever you choose to do, building cyber security into the framework of your business from the very beginning, internally and externally, will always enable you and your future organisation to grow without the need to admit to the same amount of embarrassing security faux pas as you would’ve done otherwise.

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