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Time is Money: Issues faced in building your security stack

Time is Money: Issues faced in building your security stack
Author: Brigantia

Brigantia is an award-winning, value-added managed services distributor. They provide a comprehensive range of cyber-security solutions complemented by secure, enterprise-class data communications and cloud services.

One of the biggest problems with building a security stack over a period of time is that you wind up with all sorts of services in it from different sources. I realise that this may not seem like a such a bad thing as at the time that you chose a certain service, it was the most suitable candidate: the best at what it does at a certain price point.

However, before too long you wind up with lots of different portals to log into just to check that everything is behaving itself. Although you may never have really thought about it this way, those minutes add up and time is money (as the old saying goes). Given that money is a rather important part of doing what you do, you might want to take a step back and ask yourself whether what you have rolled out to protect your network is really the best for the network and for yourself managing it.

Taking stock

Once you have taken that step back (I know that this is not the easiest thing to do when your day is spent responding and reacting to needs and wants of needy users) you should get a blank bit of paper and write down the solutions that your security stack provides. Focus not so much on brand names but rather upon what problems it solves.

The next thing that you write down is what issues your current solutions bring to you: How much of a hassle is it? How much time does it take to roll out? Is the alerting functionality accurate and timely? How much time does it take to maintain? What is the cash value of that time? When you add all of this together is there a better way that you could be doing this?

This is where value-add distributors such as Brigantia really make a difference: The solutions provided are not just a case of buying a license and off you go, there is lots of assistance and guidance that come with it. This could be in the form of fully managed services, product and/or technical training, or hands-on deployment for you. All of this reduces the need on your part to spend all of that expensive time dealing with something new, or up-skilling a member of your staff to run a service.

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