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List of Penetration Test Companies in the UK 2022

The criteria for listing penetration testing companies is based on the fact that they have been due diligence checked, customer reviewed and direct experience of working with them. The list is comprised of companies that are the best in their field. Each company is unique and suited to a different companies and different requirements. Whatever your budget or your need you are sure to find a quality, trusted penetration testing company on this list.

How to find a penetration testing company

We found this one of the hardest aspects of engaging a pen test company. Actually finding one. Using Google, we found we were presented with those companies that had the most budget to spend on ads. This is a competitive market and a lucrative market. Dominating the Google ads comes with advantages for the pen test company but for the consumer we find that can translate into higher prices.

What to look out for in a penetration testing company

This will depend a lot on what your requirements are. It is our experience that the market is wide from sole traders all the way through the penetration testing factories and body shops. Each has its place. Working out what is right for you is the key. It is our experience that being able to meet the penetration tester that will do the work is a great step. It builds the relationship and the trust and can lead to a smoother overall engagement.

UK Penetration Testing Companies

It may not be necessary to go with a UK pen testing company if you find a company that meets your needs. Often the work is done remotely and as such the actual location of the penetration testing company has less relevance.

What to be wary of

The thing we recommend being wary of is the upsell. All companies up sell but pen testing is a confusing topic with a lot of technical terms. It is easy to get confused and as a result it is easy to be quoted for something that you don’t actually want or need. Keep your vendor focused and on track and concentrate on meeting your needs and must haves. In time you may want additional services but concentrate on your immediate need first.

Looking for help?

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