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£19.99per month
£19.99per month
  • Enhanced listings and direct contact enabled
  • Enhanced listing including your contact details
  • Listing Reviews Enabled
  • Company Brand Page
  • Enhanced Marketing and Promotion

Which plan is best for my business?

List for Free is free to list. If we introduce a client that leads to a sale, you pay 15% commission to us on the that sale.

Premium benefits from enhanced marketing, a customer can contact you directly, reviews are enabled helping you to position higher in search.

If the customer comes to you direct there is nothing to pay.


Sellers LOVE ALLOWLIST for the low commissions and new markets

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We average 3,000 page views on a monthly basis with over 1,000 visitors per month.

Our visitors spend on average 1 minute 30 seconds on our site with an average of 3 page views.


An average of £150,000 in new business is generated via ALLOWLIST each month.

The average deal value per listing is £11, 533 **

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many leads will I get?

We are not a lead generation company. We are a marketplace and you are advertising on the market place.

Do I need to provide evidence of business insurance and professional indemnity insurance to list?

Yes, it is a condition of listing. We are a trusted site and part of our due diligence checks for customers is to check you have the correct insurance.

Membership Overview

ALLOWLIST is a fast-growing membership of preferred, due diligence checked, ranked, rated, and reviewed suppliers across all aspects and domains of cyber security and data protection. The traffic and exposure that ALLOWLIST generates drives business to our members at the customer’s point of need. Need proof? Take a look at just how much traffic we get.

We would love to welcome you to the ALLOWLIST community. We think it is time for a change. Our suppliers, partners and customers agree. Join THE LIST. There is a better way. 

** Our average divides the deals by number of listings but we are open that some deals are worth considerably more than others and there is no guarantee of a deal or deal value per listing. Figures are illustrative.

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