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Curatrix Technologies provide your business with right first time IT support. They spend time with you getting to understand your business goals and objectives. They understand your risk, procurement and security are at the centre of all your IT services. This is why as a default offering, their solutions provide you with Business As Usual and Business Continuity at the very core. Curatrix Technologies also believe that your IT Security shouldn’t cost extra. They deploy Microsoft 365 and leverage the Advanced Threat Protection features to protect your business from cyber criminals and insider threats. Curatrix Technologies provides all staff with dedicated Microsoft training plans and has built a team of experts in their fields. There isn’t a challenge they won’t accept and have yet to be beaten.

Curatrix Technologies delivers a service that is 100% Microsoft. The exception being their Cloud Backup in AWS to ensure additional layers of protection of your data. Because of this, they are in a very small number of providers. They are quoted as being in the 1% of Microsoft Cloud Service Providers that deliver a high number of Microsoft features to help you achieve your business goals. Their service is so niche, that even other MSPs come to them for help with Security, Intune and Autopilot management.

Company Name: Curatrix Technologies Limited
Company Number: 09889757
VAT Number: GB 231 8719 07
Companies House Link:

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