Custodia Continuity is the security company that doesn’t believe in dashboards and support tickets, our ethos means that there is a human being available to our customers 24 hours a day come rain or shine.

We level the playing field between the extensive options for security and continuity available to large businesses and the more DIY solutions aimed at smaller businesses which can hold back their security and compliance approaches.

Custodia understands that your security needs are as unique as your business so every security solution we create is individual and  based of four pillars of resilience, Security, Backup, Continuity and Compliance, which are the core for any ambitious business.

Our core offering consists of exactly what every business needs in today’s market:

  1. Best in class network and endpoint security solutions keeping attackers out.
  1. Ransomware proof offline backups of all your precious data, automated and tested with multiple copies available. Need a clients file from a year ago? We have it for you.
  1. Continuity and disaster recovery planning

Hope for the best but let us help you plan for the worst with managed disaster recovery.

  1. Data protection compliance including policy writing and updating, staff handbooks, comprehensive training and HR support.

This is the Custodia way - you are not on your own, you have access to support as and when you need it, with a real person, simply a phone call away (even at 2am!)

One relationship to allow you to get on with what you do best

Who Runs our Teams?

Jae deals with training and compliance.

Having extensive experience in policy creation as well as being a qualified management coach and trainer he is perfectly placed to help ensure compliance, planning and process are in place to ensure your business is safe, secure and resilient.

Chris has been working with data security since 1999.

He designs bespoke solutions for our clients that ensure their data is kept away from the wolves and keeps your business running no matter what happens. No DIY dashboards here, just extensive technical experience that has your back in a crisis.

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