Cultivating Talent

The demand for cyber security expertise means that those with experience are out of reach of most organisations. There is a huge wave of newcomers ready to enter the field, but without the experience your company needs to protect itself effectively.

Our cultivating talent offering is part consultancy, part mentoring. We provide that level of experienced support that your in-house talent needs to succeed and grow, and you only pay a retainer based on the support they need. Our explicit aim with this offering is to remove the need to rely on us, giving you home grown talent ready to face any challenge.

We offer a range of options, starting at £500/month for an individual or £1000/month for up to four employees from the same company. Packages start with e-mail or messaging support during normal working hours to answer queries and assist finding solutions or information, along with two hours a month for individuals, or two hours for a group plus one hour per individual. Participants will also get the option of joining ‘office hours’ sessions which are open to everyone in the programme supported by our mentors.

Our more advanced packages include a bespoke development plan for your employee (or employees) including study assistance, mentoring, guidance on qualifications and training appropriate to the target role, and concrete milestones by which both your employee’s progress and the success of our programme can be measured.

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