Security Awareness Training

The Boxphish software is designed to increase end user’s security awareness and reduce human cyber risk – this is achieved through email threat simulation and regular, bite size portions of training.

Not only do Boxphish promise to educate your staff members, but we are also on a mission to create a cyber security culture across the board, with a Student Cyber Skills for Life course available for those in the Education Sector.


Boxphish – Cyber Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations 

The consistent teach and test method utilised by Boxphish gives organisations reassurance that their people are being constantly educated on threats as they evolve, with programmes tailored to each customer making the learning journey as engaging as possible.

Having a fully automated solution also reduces IT admin time, meaning the process of increasing cyber awareness is extremely lean and hassle free. With seamless O365 integration, detailed reporting and analytics and fully tailored learning journeys Boxphish is at the forefront of specialist security awareness training providers in the UK.

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We offer the following services:
Pre-built Learning Journeys

The Boxphish pre built learning journeys are tailored to each organisation to create a well-rounded, progressive educational programme. By working with businesses to identify key cyber areas of concern, our clients are able to pin point and develop these knowledge gaps across their workforce. Once happy with their chosen pain points, relevant training is delivered to their end users over the agreed period of time, at their chosen frequency.

Engaging Training Content

For any training to be effective, content has to be engaging, which is why our mission is to create varied material tailored to specific learning types. By incorporating a multi-channel approach which includes videos, infographics, quizzes and role play our material is catered for all. This diversity, combined with regular, bite sized delivery allows the training to be non-disruptive to staff members day to day roles, but also enables learning optimization as users do not become bored, distracted and disengaged.


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