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CREST Accredited cyber security company delivering comprehensive Penetration Testing, covering areas such as Application Pen testing, API, External and Internal Networks, Wi-fi and Remote Access.

Penetration testing is the most popular, tried & tested method of identifying security vulnerabilities across an organisations assets, allowing an organisation to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before a real-world attacker finds them. By providing actionable technical advice we can assist an organisation in its ability to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of its sensitive data & systems.

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Precursor Cloud Security Configuration Review Services

What Can You Expect?

Cloud Environments are often heavily customised and tailored to an organisations specific needs. Our Security Consultants and Penetration Testers will work with you to discuss and design a tailored solution which works for your specific environment, defining key objectives, addressing any compliance requirements, organisational security concerns and setting out agreed outcomes.


During any security assessment or auditing engagement our Penetration Testers and Security Consultants will continue to work with you as an extension of your team. We will keep you informed and up to date on the progress of your assessment, communicating critical functional and security issues and helping your understanding of how a real-world attack can progress. The delivery phase sees our experienced consultants utilise their years of hands-on experience within the Cloud landscape to identify security vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that may pose a risk to your organisation.


Following the assessment, a comprehensive report is collated detailing each identified finding or vulnerability. Our reports are carefully designed to give the various stakeholders, involved in the assessment, a clear and easily understood picture of the outcome, both from a technical and contextual business perspective. Supplementing the technical details are visualisations, metrics and a high-level executive summary that can be used to communicate identified issues and subsequent business impact to all staff involved in the process both at a technical and non-technical level.


Remediating the issues found during assessments can sometimes be a daunting task for organisations where skillset or resource bandwidth is limited. Our Penetration testing and Security Consulting services include complementary aftercare consultancy within the scope of every engagement- with the aim to build a successful relationship as a partner with the involved project team. So we can continue working with you after the assessment to provide advice, consultancy or re-testing services to ensure your organisation can secure your systems against potential threats and confirm that any remediation or mitigation actions have been successful.

Precursor is a top 10 UK penetration testing company listed at ALLOWLIST.

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Precursor offer the following services:
  • Microsoft 365 Configuration Review
  • Microsoft Azure Configuration Review
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Configuration Review
  • Google Cloud Configuration Review
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Review

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