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Penetration testing with ComtactTesting the different components of your IT environment is critical to improving your cybersecurity posture. Comtact penetration testing mimics the most advanced techniques to breach your security controls and gain unauthorised access to your business data. We use the same tactics and procedures a real attacker would. Our experienced team of CREST-certified pen testers verify the abilities of your systems across your networks, applications, endpoints, and insider threats and the insights we provide enable you to plug any gaps. We offer a range of solutions – from traditional manual testing to automated and crowdsourced approaches or a blend of these. We work with you to select the most suitable option to enable you to identify, evaluate and remediate your vulnerabilities safely, efficiently and quickly.

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Comtact Penetration Testing

What Can You Expect?

Our penetration testing methodology:
1. Scoping: we work with you closely to define the scope of the test.
2. Reconnaissance: we use publicly available information to build intelligence that could be used to compromise your business.
3. Mapping: we conduct a full assessment of your network infrastructure to gain a complete picture of your organisation’s attack surface.
4. Vulnerability analysis: we perform and in-depth audit of applications residing on target hosts to identify security vulnerabilities to exploit.
5. Service exploitation: we attack vulnerabilities to gain access into your systems and data.
6. Pivoting: we attack further assets by leveraging compromised systems.
7. Clean up: we remove testing data from your systems.
8. Reporting and debrief: our experts write an in-depth penetration test report with clear recommendations and guidance for remediation, available for delivery in written, virtual or face-to-face formats.

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We offer the following services:

Assessment of your riskA data breach is likely to damage your company reputation, customer confidence and, ultimately, revenue. Our testing will show the extent to which you are protecting your data.Testing your infrastructureInvestments in new technologies, services or business expansion mean you infrastructure is constantly changing. Our testing assesses these changes, enabling you to assess vulnerabilities.Building a roadmap of improvementsWith your vulnerabilities identified through our test report, your organisation knows where it needs to improve, and you can build a plan to reduce your level of risk.New business acquisition or merger critical problem testingAcquiring a new business often means acquiring a new IT network and assuming new risk. Our testing will quickly identify critical problems that require attention.Evidence to justify a cybersecurity budget increaseOur testing provides black-and-white evidence to support your request for budget to plug known flaws in your system. It will also help focus spending on the most important issues.Protection for clients, partners and third partiesPen testing enhances the level of trust from your current and potential future clients. Employing a third party proves that you are committed to minimising the risks of a cyber breach.Compliance and regulatory requirementsPenetration testing is a mandatory requirement for organisations needing to prove compliance to regulations such as PCI DSS or ISO 27001.

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