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First Response is a specialist cybersecurity, digital forensics and incident response company that helps organisations navigate the complex issues surrounding ransomware attacks, business email compromise, invoice interception, malicious insiders, systems breaches, server compromises and data loss.

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First Response Digital Forensics & Incident Response

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We work with a wide variety of clients including banks, law firms, technology providers, energy & manufacturing companies and public sector bodies. Offering 24/7 rapid response with SC cleared personnel.

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We offer the following services:

Digital Forensic Services

The acquisition and preservation of data from computers, mobile devices, servers and corporate networks. Once the data has been secured and preserved to evidential standards, it is examined by our forensic analysts who not only have post graduate qualifications in their respective fields, but also have many years of experience carrying out investigations in stressful and time-critical environments. On completion, we’ll prepare a forensic report suitable for use in a tribunal or at court should you wish to pursue legal remedies.

Incident Response Services

We have a long history of helping individuals and organisations large and small through the first few critical hours of cybersecurity incidents involving sensitive data. We have a proven track record based on solid planning, cyber readiness and a detailed knowledge of the technology underpinning the storage of the data and the infrastructure surrounding it. We ensure that threats are identified and contained, that critical assets are protected and wherever possible that evidence is preserved, providing the option of pursuing legal remedies where this is appropriate.

Cyber Readiness & Incident Response Frameworks

We assist companies to improve their chances of successfully negotiating future incidents by implementing a set of processes and procedures long before incidents actually occur. By ensuring that staff throughout the organisation understand their respective roles and responsibilities during an incident and that a clear well thought through plan is in place, organisations greatly increase their probability of a successful outcome.

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