Jeremy Robinson

Hardworking, dedicated, curious, and happy to question the status quo. Focused more on developing solutions rather than looking for reasons to say no. Skilled in law, technology, and its intersection with security. Understand and have in-depth knowledge of computers and computer networks, how adversaries break into them, and how to mitigate risks in a persistently interconnected world.

Looking for roles as: Technology and Security Legal Counsel, Risk Advisor, Technology, Security, and Legal Strategist


Jeremy Robinson

Qualifications / certifications:

I believe more in the experience one has than the certifications in their title.
Bachelors of Business Administration, Juris Doctor, Licensed to practice law in Maryland.

Eleven (11) years of legal practice in business and contracts; intellectual property; cyber security and exploitation; data protection and privacy; export regulations; employment; United States government authorities relating to cyberspace, warfare, law enforcement, and foreign relations; and criminal defence.

Eight (8) years of experience working in a highly complex and technical environment serving as a SME for risk, policy, compliance, and operations. Technology familiarity includes: various RF and wired communications platforms; packet inspection; packet injection; big data query tools for cloud-based applications; microservices; hardware and software encryption mechanisms; encryption; telecommunications network protocols and transport mechanisms.

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