Keeper Password Security

Are you storing your online passwords in a secure manner? Are you choosing complex passwords that are difficult to crack? Are you selecting a different password for every online account? If the answer is no, you could be exposing your business to a potential cyberattack.

According to Keeper, good cybersecurity starts with robust password security. Keeper is the top-rated password management solution which protects thousands of businesses, worldwide.

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Keeper Password Security

What Can You Expect?

Keeper generates strong, random passwords and automatically fills them for users. Each user has their own secure, intuitive vault for storing and managing their passwords from any device and location. Flexible administration controls, visibility over password hygiene, and real-time dark web monitoring features mean that Keeper protects your business against most cyberattacks.

Why work with Brigantia for your cyber security program?

Brigantia provides best-in-class cybersecurity solutions and expertise to help channel partners protect their end customers. Brigantia can offer best value commercials, provision of internal training and end user demos, as well as sales and marketing support. Brigantia works with select channel partners to ensure high level end customer satisfaction.

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We offer the following services:
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Encrypted vault for every user
  • Ability to create shared folders
  • Access from unlimited devices
  • Strong policy engine with enforcement
  • Built-in, continuous security audit
  • Advanced activity reporting and alerts module
  • Two-Factor Authentication (SMS, TOTP, smartwatch, DUO, RSA and FIDO U2F)
  • Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) authentication
  • Active Directory and LDAP sync
  • SCIM and Azure AD provisioning
  • Email auto-provisioning and ability for command-line provisioning
  • Developed APIs for password rotation and backend integration
  • BreachWatch®️ by Keeper
  • 1 TB secure storage

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