Information & Records Management

Doing Cyber Security or Data Protection without doing records management? Then you aren’t achieving effective compliance with either.

Lighthouse IG is an experienced data compliance and management company offering consultancy, support and training on various topics ranging from managing records for GDPR through to everyday records management.

From compliance assessments through to implementation projects or specific project support and expertise we can provide practical, risk-based advice and assurance on various aspects of information, data and records management

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All of our services are tailored to your specific needs. From the language and styles we use, through to the technology we use. We will get to know you as much as relevant (and not creepy) in order to ensure our service is as effective for you as possible.


Each stage of our services are scoped out and we keep in touch with you as often as we mutually agree. From touch points through to formal reporting,
Information and Records Management can be quite complex. You are working with staff skills, complex areas of law and technology. During our time with you we will impart as much knowledge and practice as possible. Each service comes with additional support information and knowledge to ensure any work completed is sustainable and staff get the most out of it as possible.


After delivery we’ll seek your feedback and have a full debrief. We don’t believe in just ‘deliver and run’, we want to ensure you have what you need to move forward, share any learnings and improvements and hopefully leave you with a good impression so you’ll use us again.

Lighthouse IG is a top UK GDPR company listed at ALLOWLIST.

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We offer the following services:

To help you manage your information, data and records we can support you in various ways. These include:

  1. IRM programme implementation
  2. Support for a procurement/outsourcing tender
  3. Specific project support and advice
  4. Specific IRM advice and support for your digital transformation programme
  5. Assessment review of current controls (with or without a specific Data Protection focus)
  6. Digitisation programme to convert paper files to digital standards
  7. Information and data mapping
  8. Retention and destruction programme implementation

We also offer a Remote ‘Records Manager’ support package (see for more info)


If your product or service has a cost, then we state it here. If the cost is not fixed or is price on application, then provide either a day rate or ‘prices start from’. Prices start from £695 a day and are subject to negotiation based on sector, scope of work etc. Get in touch for a tailored quote based on your needs.

Lighthouse IG Contact Details

Get in touch below for a more tailored quotation based on your needs and how the Data Protection Officer (DPO) role can best benefit your organisation.

ALLOWLIST Phone +44 (0) 797 031 7446
ALLOWLIST Email Email Lighthouse IG
ALLOWLIST Web Visit Lighthouse IG Website
ALLOWLIST Address Lime House, 75 Church Road, Tiptree, Essex, England, CO5 0HB


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