RAPTOR – Rapid Response

RAPTOR is a contingency planning and rapid response service for critical IT issues. Prepare for data breaches, manage the response to data breaches and control the adverse effects they cause.

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RAPTOR – Rapid Response

What Can You Expect?

RAPTOR – Rapid Response provides the expertise needed to resolve any critical IT issue as quickly as possible. The service combines the services of three specialists in their field to offer a complete package of IT rapid response, specialist legal expertise, cyber reputation management and social response.

The Raptor methodology is based on the military/government rapid response model:

  • Rapid action
  • Preparation and training
  • Operational readiness

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We offer the following services:
  • Rapid action – A set of services that you can invoke in the event of an incident.
  • Preparation and training – on-boarding, auditing, training and other professional services.
  • Operational readiness – Membership packages to maintain crisis readiness.
  • Our expert team of consultants work with you from the point of initial enquiry to make sure that we deliver the best service and/or solution for your business.

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