Supply Chain Security

Supply chain attacks have increased in number and sophistication over the last year and this trend is continuing, posing an increasing risk for organisations.
It is estimated that there will be four times more supply chain attacks in 2021 than in 2020. The Solarwinds breach alone is estimated to cost the world over $1Tn, while the Microsoft Exchange breach is estimated to have impacted over 18,000 organisations worldwide.

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Klaatu IT Security Supply Chain Security

What Can You Expect?

KITS provides a number of services that help detect and prevent supply chain attacks. An important part of this is a well-designed security architecture. The point of security architecture is to develop a security strategy that meets business objectives given the risks it faces.
We work with the best solutions to protect you from supply chain risk and the devastating effects it can cause. Whatever your supply chain risk, we can help you develop the solutions.

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We offer the following services:

Deep Instinct, as well as protecting end-points, can prevent malware operating on in-house servers too, interrupting the second stage of the supply chain attack.

Okta’s identity and access management services ensure that communications with supply chain partners, including with customers and via APIs, are secure and protected against impersonation.

Imperva’s integrated suite of network, application and data security solutions provides end-to-end data protection against internal and external threats with a single pane of glass. Imperva’s Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) is designed to detect zero-day exploits in software as well as prevent supply chain attacks.

Finally, our security architecture audit and design capabilities will help you to ensure that, if a supply chain attack should be successful, your organisation can swiftly and effectively recover from the attack with the least impact and damage to your reputation.


Prices are subject to negotiation based on sector, scope of work etc

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