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Sencode provides security-conscious organisations with a range of IT security solutions and services, including web app penetration testing UK and comprehensive cyber awareness training to help mitigate the growing risks to your corporate infrastructure, and promote a culture of ‘Security Beyond Compliance‘.

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Sencode Cyber Security Web Application Penetration Testing

What Can You Expect?

Our application penetration testing helps remove the risks inherent in many web applications and prevent data breaches before an attacker has the chance to act.

We offer comprehensive Web Application Penetration Testing from experienced experts all of which are CREST registered penetration testers. Our Test & Teach strategy allows the companies we work with not only to be given a report with remediation in plain English, but also to learn how to keep the company safe from vulnerabilities in the future.

Our tests cover not only the OWASP top 10, but also a wide range of other vulnerabilities which other companies don’t test for.

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