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Assured Clarity

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Assured Clarity are a global consultancy specialising in Risk Management and Data Privacy, through Education, Awareness and Training within and throughout an organisation. They recognise the ‘human factor’, as well as the need for advanced technology to protect and defend from a physical and/or cyber attack.

Assured Clarity help companies identify risks to their business, breaking down silos inside the organisation and undertaking a comprehensive risk assessment. They then work with you to design an integrated strategy for managing these risks, building trust throughout your organisation.

Assured Clarity are a global network of specialist advisors coming from a diverse range of industries, with wide and varied backgrounds, all with relevant and extensive experience in Risk and Resilience.

Through the CYBER SECURITY STORE they are offering CISO as a Service and Data Protection Officer as a Service. These leverage a flexible resourcing model to address information security and GDPR, providing experienced resource in an on-demand and targeted model that saves you time and money whilst addressing compliance.

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