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Bores Security Consultancy

It is our pleasure to welcome James Bore and Bores Cyber Security Consultancy to ALLOWLIST.

It’s a new era for BoresJames Bore takes over the helm from his parents, Chris and Sarah, who retired in 2020.

The ethos devised and maintained by his parents of building close relationships with clients as well as helping clients to help themselves when it comes to technology is still the backbone of Bores. Customer relationships are still key. James hopes to continue working with the solid client base his parents have built up over the past 30+ years.

Whilst wanting to maintain the essence of the business as set by Chris and Sarah, James also has some exciting plans for the future of Bores. He is steering the focus of the company more onto digital, data and cyber security, and is offering a consultancy service. He will be working closely with his network to deliver the best service for his clients.

Bores Cyber Security Consultancy has been due diligence checked for company information, company insurance and all relevant listed certifications.

I work with organisations who are ready to improve their security posture and develop a programme that suits their business needs and culture, to keep themselves, their employees, and their customers safe. Taking the time to truly understand and listen to your business, I guide you to build a security framework appropriate to your business with targeted metrics promoting genuine, measurable improvement.

James Bore