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Codo Digital

Codo Digital join ALLOWLIST offering Secure Webhosting with an impressive 100% up time guarantee and an even more impressive 30% discount if coming via ALLOWLIST.

We’re honest, friendly and proud of our Yorkshire roots. Ours is a very personal service and if we’re lucky enough to work with you, we’ll be by your side as little or as much as you like resulting in a functional, fast and flexible website that will get you online and in front of your customers in a professional and timely manner.

Codo Digital

Cyber Essentials Accredited

Additionally, they are super-cautious and have recently been awarded with Cyber Essentials status (a government backed initiative), so not only will your website be super-fast, it will be super-safe too, protecting you from cyber-attacks. 

For the more technical amongst you, Codo Digital use their own hardware (not just 1, but 2 in-house servers – supplied with Samsung V-NAND PRO and Samsung EVO NVMe M.2 drives) and the same BT end-to-end network as used by the M.O.D and Emergency Services. They like to be completely self-sufficient and not be reliant on hosting a million miles away just to save a few pennies. Customer service is of paramount importance, as is their reputation. 

We welcome Codo Digital to ALLOWLIST