Cybata and Chris Roberts join ALLOWLIST

It is our pleasure to welcome Cybata to ALLOWLIST. Chris is a highly respected professional which can be seen in the plethora of customer testimonials he has on his website – link here, coupled with the fantastic reviews his products and services receive on ALLOWLIST.

Cybata genuinely think that privacy and security are directly related. That’s the reason they provide you with integrated, comprehensive solutions that address the framework of your company’s legal compliancy together with the application of IT security and private data protection within your organisation. Advising which actions you need to take for you to be GDPR compliant and to safeguard your business from data breaches and cyber-attacks, they enhance and maintain your security framework and processes to preserve overall data security standards.

Through ALLOWLIST, Cybata are providing GDPR Compliance Assessments, Cyber Security Assessments and GDPR Training.

ALLOWLIST welcomes Cybata.

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