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Garden City Assurance is now a member of ALLOWLIST. Director and founder Suze Phillips is an IAPP and EADPP member with a passion for all things data privacy and information security related, including risk assessment and 3rd party due diligence. She started Garden City Assurance to work with companies that care about their customers as much as she does and that want to be honest and ethical in the way they handle data. Data protection is all about gaining trust from customers and potential clients, as well as staff. Trust will bring you repeat and new business thanks to an improved reputation. What’s not to like?

Let them guide you through the compliance maze.

Whether you need a couple of hours of advice for an urgent piece of work, or a longer-term engagement for a data protection project, GCA can help. They have experience in many sectors, including managed and shared IT services, HR and recruitment, manufacturing, 3rd sector, central government and defence, and DPOaaS in the Health Sector. They will work closely with you to identify risks and confirm goals and spend time with you to ensure you are both clear where you are, and where you want to be with data protection. They will discuss your approach to risk and the personal data you handle.

Garden City Assurance has been due diligence checked for company information, company insurance and all relevant listed certifications.

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