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GDPR Alliance

The GDPR Alliance was Co-Founded by Chris Roberts and Amit Singh in 2017 in response to the approaching legal enforcement date for GDPR and the introduction of the UK Data Protection Act 2018 on May 25th 2018. The Alliance provided a shop window for organisations looking for a one stop solution to meeting GDPR compliance and built a fantastic community of GDPR professionals. Members included companies offering legal, shredding, IT, audit, training, software, security and mobile services. The companies were successful in winning significant contracts and business because of their membership of the GDPR Alliance.

Chris Roberts, Managing Director of Cybata ( joins ALLOWLIST as with immediate effect. Chris said “I am excited to working the Stuart Barker and the ALLOWLIST team, to create a comprehensive tool to help business leaders and organisations identify a pool of vetted experts across a range of disciplines in the fields of Data Protection and Cyber Security. Procurement teams should be particularly interested in the service, as pre-vetting will reduce time to identify and select required resources”.

Stuart Barker, Founder of ALLOWLIST said “It is fantastic to have the GDPR Alliance on board as Data Protection and the GDPR continue to play an increasingly important role in everyone’s lives. Having a preferred, searchable supplier list that puts people in touch with the right GDPR solution for them at the point of need. When we envisioned THE LIST we always envisioned GDPR being a corner stone of the content and service offering. We want to help clients to navigate the difficult waters of GDPR supplier selection by providing that list of vetted, ranked and rated preferred suppliers. Having Chris and the group become part of the family has helped us to realise that vision.”

GDPR Alliance logo at ALLOWLIST
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