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GDPR Systems

GDPR Systems headed up by Simon Bishop is a leading GDPR company specialising in franchising and specifically for franchisors and franchisees. He has built his knowledge, experience and capability over many years helping many franchising business across many sectors to navigate the often complex waters of the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.  Now, as GDPR Systems joins ALLOWLIST as part of the data protection directory and cyber security directory, customers can be assured that due diligence checks have been performed and that GDPR Systems represents a trusted supplier. They join the list of trusted GDPR suppliers.

Our particular niche is helping Franchisor companies tackle the perceived complexities that the GDPR places on them and their franchisees and how they can navigate that simply and confidently. We are pleased to be a trusted and vetted supplier on the internet’s first of its kind preferred supplier list.

Simon Bishop

GDPR Systems GDPR compliance offering can be found on ALLOWLIST here:

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