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PrivacyAnt join ALLOWLIST.

It is a pleasure to welcome Finland based PrivacyAnt to the CYBER SECURITY STORE.

We have to say that this the most exciting product we have seen in a long time comes in the form of PrivacyAnt Software.

PrivacyAnt Software

Having spent time with this fantastic software we can attest that, for us, it has the most advanced data-flow maps for privacy management and built-in logic that helps you to turn your internal privacy and information security policies into actionable compliance controls.

We see that the right to privacy is a fundamental human right. A person cannot fully be an individual without privacy. When there is privacy, there is trust and individuality, which also spurs innovation, when people have more space to be themselves, and thus, can flourish for the benefit of themselves and others. We believe that an organization that can protect people’s data and manage privacy, shows that it is responsible and can deliver quality in its products and services.


To supplement the software, PrivacyAnt also provide GDPR Readiness Assessments and development of your Privacy Program.