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Secarma join ALLOWLIST offering penetration testing.

Secarma is an independent cybersecurity consultancy based in Manchester that utilises ethical hacking methods to test the strength of your organisation’s existing security posture. Their specialists have the skills and experience needed to identify vulnerabilities within your systems before these undetected issues can be exploited by cybercriminals.

They class themselves as a first-generation penetration testing company providing advanced threat analysis, compromise simulation and tailored red team operations. As a team of cybersecurity and ethical hacking specialists, they operate globally across a wide range of attack and compromise simulation disciplines. These include web application, mobile, infrastructure, database, WiFi, IoT and red teaming. In addition, their Intelligence Division provides an array of consultancy and training services.

It is a pleasure to welcome them to THE LIST as a trusted supplier to strengthen the pen testing options for our clients looking for a trusted penetration testing company.

Find the Secarma product listing here.

ALLOWLIST welcome Secarma.

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