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SideChannel are our first truly US based member and it is with immense pleasure that we welcome Brian Haugli and the team to ALLOWLIST. The team are experienced CISO’s operating to provide the highest quality services to clients across the US. 

SideChannel has been due diligence checked for company information, company insurance and all relevant listed certifications.

Offering great service be it via their Virtual CISO, their unique Risk Assessment tool and methodology RealCISO through to delivering Training and full complete Cyber Security Compliance

Here is what they do:

Guidance and experience from actual CISOs. Full time and fractional availability. Remote and on-premise. We’re different – SideChannel Security specializes in consulting organizations who need CISO advice to protect their digital assets. We offer CISO & advisory services to the C suite, their boards, and those accountable for security across their operations or their products. We’re engaged on your terms – we’re here when you need us, and not when you don’t. We’re with you start to finish. We don’t sell products; just advice that you can trust. We’re seasoned – we’re at or sit on the board. We’ve built products and technologies from scratch. We’ve engaged in military operations under the DoD and consulted the largest companies in the world in Big 4 consulting. Our advice comes from a place of experience and practice.

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