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THE LOUNGE is where we hang out backstage at ALLOWLIST; it includes all the best insights, tips, tricks, and how-to’s on how to sell more cyber security, as well as discounts and more. On a Friday we will share what we discovered that week, as well as a warts-and-all peek behind the curtain of starting and running a cyber security company. Follow our journey as we build something special.

Meet the chap that writes THE LOUNGE Emails

Stuart Barker is the founder of ALLOWLIST. He is a cyber security practitioner who walks-the-walk, with experience of successfully building and selling cyber security companies. Today, through ALLOWLIST, he helps cyber security company sell more.

The emails?

No more than 1 email a week, sent on a Friday.

No spam. No automated emails. No nonsense.

Stuart Barker at ALLOWLIST

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Because we think you will get value from the newsletter that speaks for itself; we share our experiences, our successes and our mistakes as ALLOWLIST grows and moves forward. We are not going to add you to any lists, or sell your data, or market to you. Our aim is to share our knowledge with other cyber security and data professionals just like you.

The FAQs Ma’am, Just the FAQs

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. You can unsubscribe at any point. We won’t market to you, sell your data or do anything shady.

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Cyber security and data protection professionals that want to learn more about selling more stuff, running a business and making their business successful. Like-minded souls that want to follow our journey and take a peek behind the ALLOWLIST curtain.

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Of course!

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