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The first 6 months for ALLOWLIST have certainly gone beyond our expectations. Over 20,000 website views, around £1 million in new business deals for sellers, and an array of amazing new providers. We are constantly adapting to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We are confident in our proposition, and here are some of the changes and updates:

What we offer has matured

What we offer has been honed and fine-tuned, and we are now very comfortable in our own skin. To see the full range of services we offer, just look here for details.

New ALLOWLIST Services

The Media Package, designed to significantly help and improve our sellers’ marketing and positioning – overview here.

The Sales Manager Package, which significantly increases conversion for those without sales resource – overview here.

The Personal Shopper: tailored help for end customers that has seen a massive uptake since its introduction. We help customers find the cyber security solutions that are right for them – overview here.

Member Benefits

The introduction of member benefits has saved members real money with:

Our Performance

January saw over 4,000 page views on the store, and our traffic from America has increased making up 25% of total visitors to the store. Our brokered deals via Personal Shopper reached just shy of £70,000 of new business and 10 new sellers came onboard.

New Sellers

In January we welcomed:

  • Custodia Continuity
  • Ruptura Infosecurity
  • Boxphish
  • Laneden
  • Cybersecure 365
  • Bores Consultancy
  • CyberScale
  • Records Management Girl

Supplier Spotlight

Our supplier spotlight was introduced to showcase our premium suppliers with the media package, which sees them have a spotlight blog as well as being a part of our marketing campaigns designed to reach new customers. You can see the spotlight here.

Listing Enhancements

We have significantly overhauled the layout of listings on THE LIST and will be rolling this out to members on Business Lite and above over the coming weeks. For a sneak peek, check out these 2 examples – Precursor and Ruptura.

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