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THE LOUNGE – 26 February 2021

This week in THE LOUNGE at ALLOWLIST Towers…


This month has gone crazy for GDPR. From a lacklustre end to last year, 2021 has seen demand for GDPR rise exponentially. We are getting queries now on a daily basis from customers seeking support on GDPR and data protection. Our seller members are reaping the rewards and this week has seen multiple deals in the GDPR space. If you need help with GDPR or are looking to reach new markets for your GDPR products and services then we really should talk.


Last week we ran the first ALLOWLIST user group and the feedback has been phenomenal. This is something we will be taking forward and continuing on a regular basis to add value.


We don’t have clever AI or any clever bots in the background, but what we do have is real human beings making real connections and real deals that generate a real return on investment.

We continue our unique routes to market:

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