The Lounge

THE LOUNGE – 5 March 2021

This week in THE LOUNGE at ALLOWLIST Towers…

Promotion Promotion Promotion!

This week we have been working hard on our April 2021 promotion month, and this time we are focusing on IT Security Services.

Promotion months are a value-add marketing activity we undertake on behalf of our members, investing in paid advertising on their behalf, generating fantastic value-added content, and driving real returns.

Our past promotion months have covered GDPR and Pen Testing, and you can see some of the great content, blogs and insights that were produced here:

GDPR Insights

Pen Testing Insights

Want to see the kind of results we get from the promotion months and collaboration with our members? Want to know how it works? Just take a look at the video we created about Pen Testing:

ALLOWLIST our story 3 directors

To be part of this great promotion month be sure to contact one of the team, or just ask.

Thank you.